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Habonim Dror

Habonim Dror (Hebrew: הבונים דרור‎; "The Builders of Freedom") refers to the ...
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The Kibbutz

Information drawn from: Amnon Rubinstein, “Return of the kibbutzim,” Jerusalem Post, ...
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Breira (full name "Breira: A Project of Concern in Diaspora-Israel Relations") was an ...
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Ahdut HaAvoda

Ahdut HaAvoda (Hebrew: אחדות העבודה‎, lit. Labour Unity) was the name used by ...
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Poale Zion

Poale Zion (also spelled Poalei Tziyon or Poaley Syjon, meaning "Workers of Zion") was a ...
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Mapam (Hebrew: מפ"ם‎, an acronym for Mifleget HaPoalim ...
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