“A Stranger in a Strange Land” by Stacy Trevenson

Reference: Jewish Mosaic

In April 2006 a timely, universal yet highly personal letter went out to the Coastside Jewish Community. The writer was CJC maggid Jhos Singer.

“As I wrote this, Pesach/Passover was approaching. The central Pesach image is a ragtag bunch of Israelite slaves making a break for freedom from Mitzraim/Egypt (literally, ‘the narrows’). We cross through a sea only to arrive in a vast and strange desert where we begin a new life, with a new identity, and a new understanding of who we are and what we are.”

Singer turned this summary of Jewish history into a revelation.

“In the last few years, I have left a Mitzraim of my own and this year I am literally feeling the story of Pesach in my bones.”

That was how the community’s beloved female spiritual teacher broke the news he was transgendered. Singer admits the news might come as a jolt to readers, but ask that they now use male pronouns–and recognize that inside, Jhos is still Jhos.

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