“Five Questions for Fran Levey” by Elissa Froman

Reference: National Council of Jewish Women

The fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights goes far beyond the issue of same-sex marriage and affects millions of American families: children whose parents have lost a job because of their real (or perceived) sexuality, those whose loved ones have been violently attacked because of their sexual identity, and so many others. Speaking up for LGBT rights means ending workplace discrimination, safeguarding civil rights, and ensuring that hate crimes against LGBT individuals are federally recognized and prosecuted as just that — crimes of hate.

Fran Levey, incoming president of NCJW’s Greater Miami Section, has been actively engaged in the Jewish community for decades as a volunteer, progressive activist, and philanthropic adviser. Here, she talks to the NCJW Journal about her identity as an NCJW leader and an out Jewish lesbian and about the work that lies ahead.

What are the greatest legislative challenges facing the LGBT community in the current political climate?

Legal recognition of our families has become one of the greatest challenges on the national, state, and local political levels…

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