Islamic Ethics: Morals And Values Of Islam


An introduction to Islam, including morals, values and muslim practice.

The name Islam is an Arabic word which means submission or surrendering one’s will.This word comes out of the Arabic word salam, which means peace.Therefore, Muslims believe that when one is in submission with Allah, they are also in peace.


Who Muslims Believe In

Muhammad was the prophet founder of the Islamic Faith in the year 604 AD.They believe that Muhammad was a universal prophet, fulfilling the prophecies of those other prophets sent before him, such as Zoraster, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Muhammad carries the title of Seal of the Prophets.The name of their God is Allah.


The Five Pillars of Islam

These are the framework of Muslim life.They are:

1. Faith

2. Prayer

3. Concern for the needy

4. Self-purification

5. Pilgrimage to Makkah


Six Pillars of Iman (Faith)

Islamic law states that there is a dual obligation for man to follow. One is duty towards the Almighty and the other is duty towards fellow man.This dual obligation takes a lifetime to fulfill, and is the most difficult.Beyond these two duties are six articles, or pillars of faith, which is the basis of all faith.

1. Belief in Allah as the one true God

2. There are angels that are between Allah and his prophets.They are used as messengers.

3. Muhammad was a messenger from God, as were the other prophets before him.

4. The Quran is a Holy Book from God.The Bible, Old Testament, etc. are also Books from Allah.

5. The Last Day – This is the belief that the world will eventually come to an end.On that day, there will be resurrection and judgment.

6. Destiny – While Muslims believe that we have free will to choose between right and wrong, they also believe that Allah knows what our destiny is.

Seven conditions of Testimony of Faith

1. Knowledge -If one has knowledge they can not be ignorant

2. Certainty – If one is certain, they will not have doubt.

3. Sincerity and purity

4. Truthfulness – If one is truthful they are not a hypocrite.

5. Love and devotion – This makes a believer know of Allah’s true religion.

6. Submission – If one is submissive, they will not disobey.

7. Acceptance – If one accepts, they will not reject or deny.

If these seven conditions do not exist, then a believer is Kufr or a disbeliever.Denial, arrogance, doubt, disregard, and hypocrisy are the five types of Kufr.


Tauhid (Islamic Monotheism)

This means that Allah is the only God and holds all of the attributes. There are three parts to Tauhid.

1. Tauhid-ar-Rububiyah – This is a declaration that Allah is One.He is the only one that can create, bring death, etc.

2. Tauhid – al – Uluhiyah – This is a statement that Allah is the only one to be praised and worshiped.

3. Tauhid – al – Asma – Allah holds all of the Divine names and attributes.



Ibadah are the attributes that man acquires and which Allah is pleased with.There are two conditions to Ibadah.They are sincerity to Allah and submission to Allah’s messengers.

Three fundamental Beliefs for Every Islamic Believer

1. Know your Lord

2. Know your religion

3. Know your prophet


Prayer and Fasting

Islamic worship consists of obligatory prayer and worship. Muslims are to pray five times a day, each time facing east. These prayers are to show submission to God. On every ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims will fast. These days are called Ramadan. This means that there is to be no food, drink, or sexual relations from sunrise to sunset for an entire Islamic month.

At least once in their life time Islamic believers will take a pilgrimage, also known as a Hajj.The journey is to be taken in the month of Zul-Hijja, the 12th month in the Islamic calendar.


Living the Life

Muslims believe that true happiness occurs when you are God-conscious and submissive to God’s will.Freedom is freedom from human desires and man-made ideals.Through prayer and fasting, self-discipline and self-control become a focus of many Muslims.This also is a foundation for human dignity.Beyond these are several morals and values that Muslims carry to submit to God.


Places of Muslim Believers

There are an estimated 1.4 billion Muslims around the world.From 604 to present, it has spread from the reaches of Spain to China.

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