Issues in Reproductive Rights and Health – 05/23/2011

Reference: Women of Reform Judaism

Concern about reproductive health can be found in the earliest texts of our tradition. The Torah tells us that when “. . .Rebekah became pregnant. The children pressed against each other inside her. She thought:― If this is so, why do I exist? So she went to inquire of Adonai. Adonai said to her: Two peoples are in your belly; . . . (Genesis 25:22-24).  And the book of Samuel poignantly describes Hannah’s childlessness (I Samuel:1-20).

Women of Reform Judaism, formerly the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods (NFTS), has long been a supporter of full legal access to women’s reproductive health care and abortion rights. As early as 1935, NFTS passed a resolution urging that U.S. federal law be amended to allow medical personnel to send birth control literature through the mail. The biennial assembly in 1989 endorsed the Roe v. Wade decision, stated our unwavering commitment to preserve the reproductive rights of women, and supported funding for clinics that provide reproductive services to women.

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