Just Congregations: Reform Jewish Community Organizing

Reference: Union for Reform Judaism

What Is Just Congregations?

Just Congregations engages Reform Jewish synagogues to act powerfully and successfully across lines of faith, class, and race to address the root causes of economic and social injustice. We nurture and train congregations to build deep relationships grounded in Torah and avodah/religious meaning within our member congregations, and foster authentic relationships with other communities who share a vision of a world redeemed.

Our purpose is redemption:
the sacred transformation of the world as it is
—parched by oppression—
into the world as we know it should be
—overflowing with justice.

We will engage our member congregations in congregation-based community organizing because we believe the power for systemic change comes from organized people and organized money. People and money are organized by leaders who foster relationships to build that power. Relationships are the organized force for redemption.

Just Congregations will be successful when:

  1. New Reform Jewish leaders emerge and veteran leaders grow, working together to build strong collective leadership inside congregations and across communities.
  2. Reform Jewish congregations develop as strong institutions centered around relational power and the pursuit of justice.
  3. Reform Jewish congregations build meaningful institutional relationships across lines of faith, class, and race to bring their collective power to successful action, resulting in systemic change that improves people’s lives.
  4. The Reform Jewish Movement makes a cultural and institutional commitment to congregation-based community organizing as a means to fulfill this vision of redemption.

Learn more: http://urj.org/socialaction/training/justcongregations/