Social Justice and Affirmative Action

Reference: CSJO: Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

Adopted on October 30, 1993, at the CSJO Executive Board meeting in Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • We Secular Jews base our commitment to social justice on our understanding of Jewish ethics, of Jewish history, and of the traditions of our Movement.
  • From an ethical standpoint, we are inspired by the insistence of our people’s Prophets that the essence of morality is the establishment of justice.
  • We see an historical imperative in the fact that, through the ages, Jewish security and participation in any society has been determined by the degree of justice in that society and by its relative freedom from violence.
  • We honor and share in the century-long tradition of secular Jewish movements in their struggle for peace and the rights of the oppressed, the dispossessed and the defenseless, and our Movement’s affirmation of the sanctity of life.

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