“The State of the Union and Reproductive Rights” by Katharine Nasielski

Reference: Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

January 12, 2012

As we move into the 2012 election year, the war on women has become more extreme and effective. This year might mark a significant turning point in the ability for a woman to choose whether to pursue abortion care, and or even to attain basic reproductive health services. It is time for President Obama to affirm his unwavering commitment to the protection and preservation of the reproductive rights of women – and the 2012 State of the Union address is likely his most prominent platform to do so.

Since December, we’ve seen a stark increase in the number of state-level bills that severely restrict access to abortion services. While Roe v. Wade is still technically the law of the land, the strategy of anti-choice advocates has become obvious: just keep pushing back reproductive rights in each state and eventually Roe v. Wade will be obsolete without the public uproar that would surround a Supreme Court case.

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