“The Wrongs of Human Rights” by Jonathan Fisher

Reference: The JC

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Using human-rights principles to attempt to ban circumcision in Germany is a grotesque insult to the memory of Holocaust victims.

The Jewish jurists who helped inspire the human-rights movement must be spinning in their graves at the intellectual violence that their legacy has spawned.

The perversity is not confined to “amputation of healthy skin without consent”. Eternal cemeteries are prohibited in Switzerland because they infringe environmental rights while, in the UK, the religiously based admissions policy of a Jewish school was struck down for offending the right to equality.

The emerging landscape does not seem pretty for European Jewry. To date, British courts have treated religious circumcision as lawful, recognising that parental consent in the best interests of a child encompasses cultural heritage. But attitudes are hardening and it is only a matter of time before the issue comes before the British courts again. The outcome then will be far from certain.

Read more: http://www.thejc.com/comment-and-debate/comment/80650/the-wrongs-human-rights