What is J-Source?


J-Source is a searchable, online knowledge hub and learner’s guide to the progressive, secular Jewish experience. Intended for the casual browser and serious student alike, it brings together thousands of individual resources, including images, audio and video files as well as articles, illuminating the broad reach of the Jewish heritage in the home and synagogue and beyond.

J-Source will launch in several phases. The first, set for March 2013, focuses on the Jewish commitment to social and economic justice. It features resources on labor rights, economic equality, the environment and climate change, war and peace, criminal justice, gender equity, reproductive choice and more.

The site will allow readers to draw on literature ranging from the ancient texts of the Bible and Talmud to the modern labor, antiwar and civil rights movements, including facts and figures, issue analysis and personal memoirs, as well as texts and recordings of historic speeches plus seminal articles on Jewish history and values by history-makers themselves, from Emma Goldman to Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

They’ll also have access to records of the positions and actions of progressive Jewish organizations on the issues, to see where the Jewish community has stood.

Future sections will focus on Jewish culture, literature and music, and the secular traditions of Jewish seasonal and lifecycle celebrations.