“Without apology: The atonement stops here” by Chanel Dubofsky

Reference: Jewish Women's Archive

For a few semesters in college, I was a Peer Health Sex Educator. This meant I would often have to transport male and female condoms, dental dams, dildos, a model of a vagina and other paraphernalia around campus in a bag along with another educator. Together, we demonstrated correct usage of contraceptives, talked about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and answered questions. (On one particular occasion, I had to inform a young man that he should not, in fact, “double bag it.”) Every time I’d finish a workshop, I’d think, I hope they were listening and hearing.

September 26th was World Contraception Day. The project, started by a group of international NGO’s is working towards “a world where every pregnancy is wanted.” WCD 2011 encourages young people to exercise their right to search for accurate, unbiased information about contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection (STI).

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