Activism tips for the New Year

In 2019, we are committed to activism! To be ready and mobilized to take action on the issues that matter to us. Here are some tips to help you start and strengthen your activist journey in 2019.

Identify your passion

What issues inspire you? Whether they be immigration, labor, women’s issues, LGBTQ rights, racism, or civil liberties, identify what you feel strongly about and where you would like to make some real-world change. And then get educated. Read up on these issues from trusted sources, learn what’s at stake, where change needs to happen, and where you can take action.

Be an Advocate

Talk to people! Connect over coffee or cake. Meetup. Write. With social media, we all have a platform that can reach hundreds of people instantaneously. Use your platform to advocate on the issues you care about. Raise awareness by sharing out calls to action, articles, and petitions.

Find your community

Whatever you do, don’t go at it alone! Find a community of people who are passionate about the same issues you are. You can use tools like Meetup.com to find likeminded people, or if you’re in the New York City area, attending Workmen’s Circle events is a great way to find others who share your passion for progressive causes.

Donate and Volunteer

Donate to organizations that reflect your values, like the Workmen’s Circle. Find organizations in your community where you can volunteer. Volunteering empowers your community and creates grassroots change at home.