Trip to Yiddishland

The Workmen’s Circle’s Trip to Yiddishland program, our 7 day, 6 night retreat features four levels of Yiddish classes, dance & klezmer instruction, theater & music workshops, concerts & entertainment, children’s program, and three delicious meals per day.  This year’s program will take place from Monday, August 14-Sunday, August 20. All are welcome, from brand-new Yiddishists to fluent speakers. READ MORE »

Get Your Yiddish On! With Boris Sandler

Famed Yiddishist Boris Sandler, author of sixteen Yiddish books and former Editor-in-Chief of the Yiddish Forverts, will lead a conversation on Pathways for Yiddish Creativity in the Post-War Generation. Sandler himself witnessed and was an active part of the 1980s revival of Yiddish language, literature, and culture in the Soviet Union, Israel, and the US. And he transformed the READ MORE »

Get Your Yiddish On! Jewish Food & Cooking

The Workmen’s Circle is excited to announce a monthly schmooze where you’ll get the chance to Get Your Yiddish On! Every month we will be holding a new curated talk in Yiddish around a different theme—facilitated by one of our amazing Yiddish instructors. If you’re a Yiddish pro (or close), please join us and practice READ MORE »

Khanike Party

Celebrate Khanike with us!

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