A Civil Rights Journey

"The Rotunda of the University of Virginia, designed by Thomas Jefferson along with a statue of him."


You can read an essay from one of our trip participants in the Jackson Heights-Elmhurst Patch

You can read an essay from one of our trip participants in the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Patch

Selected quotes from our teens on their experiences during the Civil Rights Journey:

“This was an extraordinary trip! I was powerfully moved inspired and empowered to work for change”

“The trip helped me understand the complex stream of events that led up to [the Charlottesville Protest] and made it more clear anti-Semitism and racism are closely connected and alive.”

“Age doesn’t matter. If you feel that something is wrong you can say something about it.”

 “I found it really inspirational to find out that high school students led the first Civil Rights protests”

 “It was inspiring and showed we as students can make change”