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The Workers Circle was founded in 1900 in the United States by Eastern European Jewish immigrants who sought a supportive society to help them transition into life in this country. They yearned for a home where they could live their values – social justice, cultural expression, intellectual curiosity, and community – as they struggled, and then thrived, in North America. Their fledgling organization quickly grew into a powerful mutual aid network that supported nearly 100,000 immigrants and their families. Today, the Workers Circle is reinventing itself for the 21st century while remaining true to these progressive roots. Through Learning Communities rooted in Jewish literacy and social activism, an award-winning summer camp, Yiddish culture and language programs, and more, children, adults, and families are finding themselves and finding community while sustaining and celebrating Jewish traditions.

Your financial support of the Workers Circle has a direct impact on our members, our students and their families, our Jewish community, and the larger world around us. Keeping the Workers Circle strong and vibrant is critical if there is to be a place for Jews seeking a meaningful identity that connects them to their heritage, their culture, and their values.  We occupy a singular place in the continuing story of Jewish life in America – one that remains remarkably relevant and increasingly in sync with the larger demographic trends in Jewish life.

 Giving to the Workers Circle allows us to:

– Provide quality learning experiences to children and families that are rich in culture, joyful celebration, and a commitment to social activism

– Preserve Yiddish language and culture with outstanding Yiddish language instruction and cultural events for adults and children

– Host meaningful secular Jewish holiday observances and historical commemorations open to all

– Sponsor our award-winning summer camp, Kinder Ring, now in its 90th year of fun and friendship

– Make a difference in the world by supporting causes and projects that address an array of social justice issues

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