The Workers Circle I.L. Peretz Jewish School of Long Island

The Workers Circle’s I.L. Peretz Jewish School is one of the fastest growing supplementary schools on Long Island. Located in Westbury, New York, we are proud to offer programs for the whole family, with a focus on Pre-K-12.

Li PcOur interactive curricula brings together Yiddish & Hebrew, history & culture, Bar & Bat Mitzvah prep, social justice activism, and joyous holiday celebrations. Through hands-on learning, our students become active participants in their Jewish education, extending their learning beyond the classroom and into their everyday lives. Our vibrant music & arts program features a student chorus and klezmer group, and our Community Service Club connects teens (our mentsches!) with over 20 local non-profits.

In our monthly Building Blocks Program, children ages 4 & 5, together with their parents, create a foundation for their Jewish identity through stories, games, songs, crafts, and more. Parents have their own opportunity to connect with their cultural heritage — our Adult Education Program includes Judaism 101, Jewish Cooking & Baking, and Jewish Spirituality courses.

Throughout the year, hundreds gather at our cultural Jewish holiday celebrations, which are always free of charge to our school families, and are meaningful alternatives to traditional services.

The I.L. Peretz Jewish School meets Mondays at Temple Sholom, 675 Brookside Court, Westbury — and we’d love to see your family there! We welcome families of all configurations with a desire for Jewish culture and education. 

To learn more about this school and/or schedule a free online class please contact, or at 516.794.0506. 

To ensure the safety of our children and families, we plan to continue to run the school online throughout the fall semester and will closely follow health recommendations before considering next steps for in-person programs in the spring.

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open! Register here.

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