Long Island-East Meadow Social Justice Activism

Social justice is built into every aspect of our school program. From the moment our students step in the classroom, to the day they graduate, they are committed to the fundamental Jewish values of tikkum olam (repairing the world) and creating a shenere un besere velt far ale (a better and more beautiful world for all, in Yiddish).

Throughout the year, students participate in our very own Mitzvah Slip Project, cataloging their good deeds. Each month, the class with the most Mitzvah Slips earns a reward – and each year, our school averages more than 3,000 Mitzvah Slips!

Through our teen Community Service Club, students who have completed their Bar/Bat Mitzvah volunteer with various non-profit organizationS. We partner with over 20 groups including rockCANroll, which helps to feed needy families on Long Island; Sunrise Day Camp, the country’s only camp dedicated to children with cancer; Heifer International, which works to end hunger and poverty in the developing world; the Walk to Remember, for which, each year, we partner with the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County; and many more.

For a full list of organizations with which we partner, please contact Staci Davis, our School Director, sdcsw@aol.com, 516.794.0506.