JCSFJ (4)We are living in a country in which immigrant and refugee families are being torn apart every day. Trump’s executive order last week, which attempted to remedy his own policy of separating families at the border and imprisoning innocent children, did not stop the terrible practice of locking up families. Many children have yet to be reunited with their parents. Further, every day ICE Agents are rounding up parents and locking them up in advance of deportation for the crime of not having been born in the United States.

Seventy-nine years ago it was Jews who were being denied entry with terrible consequences. Today, as Jews, we must stand up and send a clear message to our elected leaders: Refugees must be welcome here! Families must never be separated! Children must never be taken from their parents’ arms!

Never Again must mean Never Again for ALL!

Saturday, June 30, is a national day of action titled Families Belong Together! Millions are taking to the street demanding that Donald Trump and his administration stop locking up children and families fleeing violence and persecution. The Workmen’s Circle is proud to be an early endorser of these actions.