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This month, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (COP) held a Hanukkah Party at the Trump Hotel in partnership with the Republic of Azerbaijan. We raised our voices against the event, and were proud to see a number of other organizations follow suit. The COP nevertheless held the party – but in a mostly empty room with many organizations and invited guests refusing to attend.

Make no mistake: this victory was the direct result of our progressive movement’s pressure!

We sent a message to the world that it will not be business as usual when the Trump Administration takes office. We will hold the new Administration and those connected to it accountable for hateful rhetoric and attacks on human rights and civil liberties.

Now more than ever, optics matter, and the Workmen’s Circle will be here to raise the alarm and take action every time we see attempts made to legitimize intolerance and oppression in all its terrible forms.

We are the Workmen’s Circle of today, and we’re fighting for you.

Make your voice count. Be a part of our progressive movement, and resist attacks on human rights and civil liberties.