The Great Schmooze

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Connect, Share, Imagine, Laugh!

As the Coronavirus requires us to stay apart, the Workers Circle has created a program called the Great Schmooze to help our members connect by phone, while staying safe at home!

The Great Schmooze 1There’s nothing like stories to bring us all closer together (even through social distancing!) and remind us of the things that matter. That’s what the Great Schmooze is all about – building community by connecting with each other and sharing our stories.

The Great Schmooze will bring us together, over the phone and online, across the generations, bridging our physical distance with the warmth of human community.

In the coming weeks, we will be training students, members, and friends to make calls and reach out to members who have let us know they’d like to receive a call and to share some stories. We’ll soon launch the Great Schmooze private Facebook page where people will have the chance to connect and share stories with each other. We will share the stories that make us laugh, that bring us joy, and inspire us all. And, of course, we’ll kvetch a little! We’ll be featuring “guest schmoozers,” noted celebrities, artists, writers, elected officials and more on Facebook live so stay tuned!

Want to learn more? Drop a line to info@circle.org.

This program is free, but if you are able, please donate to support our administration of this program.