Westchester Leadership and Staff

Another remarkable characteristic of the Westchester learning program is that it is adaptable to the needs, cultural diversity, and communal desires of our community. The Westchester Workmen’s Circle School is a cooperative effort of parents, teachers, and an education coordinator who work together to ensure all families have an excellent and energizing experience. Parents always have a voice and actively participate in the life of the community.

Lori Cohen, Education Coordinator, Teacher
Lori expands young minds and generates a love of Jewish life and learning for students through hands-on experiential learning that is immediately relevant to their lives. In addition to her work at the Workmen’s Circle, Lori currently teaches children of all ages at several area synagogues.  Prior to this, Lori enjoyed twenty years’ experience working with children as a teacher, early childhood center director, youth director, music teacher, and artist. Her master’s degree in social work helps Lori draw out each learner’s strengths so they feel valued and important in the learning environment. This emphasis, as well as the feeling of mishpocha in the classroom, increases each student’s desire to learn and helps them feel they are part of a bigger picture.

Liz Marlowe, Teacher
Liz Marlowe is a Jewish Educator with over 20 years of experience. She teaches students from K-8 in subjects including traditions, history, symbols, values study, Hebrew and holidays. Her emphasis is on experiential learning, creative projects, discussions, and general informal methods of learning.  Liz makes the class a fun creative place so that each learner feels positive associations with being Jewish. Her master’s degree in counseling helps to ensure that each student is recognized as a unique individual while maintaining the feeling of mishpocha. Being part of the Workmen’s Circle family has been a warm and wonderful experience for Liz!