What We Do

Yiddish Language

Whatever your Yiddish proficiency, have we got a class for you!LEARN MORE

Social Justice

We are proud to fight for everyone’s right to social and economic justice through social action and community service.LEARN MORE


The Workers Circle schools build a strong Jewish identity through innovative, meaningful, and child-centered curricula that have been designed to engage our students as active participants in their Jewish education. We care for and sustain our children and families.LEARN MORE

Cultural Events

In addition to Jewish holidays, we offer opportunities to celebrate Jewish culture throughout the year at concerts, screenings, art shows, and more.LEARN MORE

Camp Kinder Ring

Now in its 88th summer season, Camp Kinder Ring is an overnight camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 16 that provides all land and water activities, opportunities for artistic expression and outdoor adventure. LEARN MORE


The Workers Circle national organization includes a network of activist and learning communities across the country dedicated to offering participants of all ages meaningful ways of developing and expressing their identity as progressive and cultural Jews. LEARN MORE