Camp Kinder Ring

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Camp Kinder Ring is an overnight camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 16 that provides all land and water activities, opportunities for artistic expression and outdoor adventure. Kinder Ring nurtures a sense of community by offering shared experiences that have produced memories and lifelong relationships since 1927, when it was founded by The Workers Circle, which still owns and operates camp.  Camp Kinder Ring is highly regarded in the camping world for its attention to camper supervision, high quality programming and multi-generational community atmosphere.

Our commitment to striving for a better world and our focus on progressive Jewish values contribute to the warm and caring environment we have created. Our programming is designed to provide a full experience for 3, 4, or 7 week sessions. Kinder Ring encourages both individual choice and structured group participation in planning the daily schedule. By encouraging teamwork, shared living and guiding personal development, our staff demonstrates their commitment to the healthy growth of our campers. Everyone leaves Camp Kinder Ring with a sense of accomplishment in some areas, and increased self-esteem and interpersonal skills which last a lifetime.

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