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The Workers Circle’s unique learning programs combine Jewish cultural heritage and social justice activism to create a more beautiful and better world for all – a shenere un besere velt far ale in Yiddish. Learning is a hallmark of Jewish tradition and identity. Our innovative, meaningful, and inviting learning experiences engage our students as active participants in their Jewish education. As a result, children build strong Jewish cultural literacy and a progressive Jewish identity to help them define who they are and what they believe in a complex world.

We are an open and affirming community for all kinds of families, including LGBT, interfaith, and many others. Because we care for and sustain our children and families, our schools are adaptable to the needs, cultural diversity, and communal desires of the communities in which they reside.

Each Workers Circle school has its own personality. As a network, they also share some common features. For example, most Workers Circle learning programs meet two to three time a month after school or on weekends and celebrate holidays as a community.

To ensure the safety of our children and families, we plan to continue to run all of our schools online throughout the fall 2020 semester and will closely be following health recommendations before considering next steps for in-person or virtual programs in the spring.

To learn more about our schools, click on one of the below locations:
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What Happens in a Workers Circle School?

At Workers Circle schools, children and families engage in active, experiential learning.LEARN MORE

Our Bar/Bas Mitsve Program

The Workers Circle Bar/Bas Mitsve program for children ages twelve and thirteen is a meaningful alternative to the more traditional ritual of a synagogue service.LEARN MORE

Social Justice Activism

The Workers Circle is committed to understanding the roots of injustice and finding ways to act for a better world, and we weave that commitment into every layer of our schools.LEARN MORE