Our Bar/Bas Mitsve Program

The Workers Circle is very proud of its outstanding cultural Bar/Bas Mitsve program for children ages twelve and thirteen. The unique cultural ceremony is a meaningful alternative to a more traditional ritual of a synagogue service. Students present the fruits of their years of study through individual and collaborative projects that reflect their passions, commitments, and a deep exploration of their Jewish identities. Each event is an important milestone in the lives of family and friends and in the fabric of our community.

The b’nei mitsve year is an unprecedented opportunity for profound learning and engagement: a time when the educational gains of the previous years are consolidated, intellectual and emotional breakthroughs occur, and lasting components of Jewish identity are forged. Elements of the Workers Circle cultural bar/bas mitsve include:

•    A self-selected core research project drawing from Jewish culture and personal Jewish identity
•    An oral history video interview with an elderly family member to explore family heritage and connection to the larger Jewish community
•    Community service reflecting Jewish values of justice (tzedek), compassion (hesed), and peace (sholem).
•    Cooperative class social justice activism connecting Jewish heritage to today’s injustices
•    Some schools participate in the Remembers Us project; some study Torah/Haftorah portions toward whatever ends they find meaningful