What Happens in a Workers Circle School?

A Workers Circle school is a warm, inviting place where children and families engage in active, experiential learning. Whether we are studying history, Jewish values, or foundational stories, food, music, or new languages, children of all ages are building a strong Jewish identity essential Jewish literacy. Active, project-based learning is a hallmark of a Workmen’s Circle school.

Each Workers Circle school is staffed by a professional education coordinator and experienced teachers. Often there are music and language (Yiddish and/or Hebrew) teacher to supplement the learning with different approaches and perspectives. Parents’ voices and active participation are essential to every school. While each school is different and develops around the needs of the community, they share a commitment to the Jewish values of kindness and activism as core elements across all grades.

The Workers Circle school curriculum gives students and families a strong foundation in Jewish knowledge and the tools to personally explore Jewish identity and practice in ways that feel meaningful. The professionally-created curriculum aims to create a meaningful and proud Jewish identity, rooted in the historical and cultural Jewish experience, and in a commitment to building a better world. That identity is expressed through community, learning, creative arts and culture and social action, and not through prayer and worship.