Our Values

Everything we do at the Workers Circle is driven by two powerful and connected values: the celebration of our culture and the pursuit of social and economic justice.

Celebration of our culture

Jewish life itself can be a celebration and a lens through which to see the world.  We find meaning in our history and joy in our art and music, in our languages and literature, in our cuisine, and in our holidays.

From our founding more than 100 years ago, sharing our culture and history has been at the heart of the Workers Circle.  Educational experiences are critical to how we understand the world and how we transform it because, for us, our Jewish identity is intrinsically linked to our passion for social activism.

Pursuit of social and economic justice

We believe that we have a responsibility for our greater society.  Pursuing equality, fighting for human dignity, and making the world a fairer place for all is built into our personal and organizational identity.

When our founders arrived from Eastern Europe – themselves people who were different and often excluded in an unfamiliar world – they created the Workers Circle to give our community a powerful voice.  We carry on that spirit of inclusion today by welcoming and celebrating the diversity of Jewish life in America.