The Workmen’s Circle STANDS WITH MUSLIMS in NYC

no ban (1)The Workmen’s Circle condemns the Supreme Court’s decision in Trump v. Hawaii that upholds the narrative of hatred, bigotry, and exclusion which is inherent in the president’s travel ban from primarily Muslim countries.

As Jews, we know all too well the dangers of closing our borders to refugees. Less than a century ago it was Jews trapped in Eastern Europe with the United States denying them safe haven. Today the Supreme Court upheld the President’s right to issue an order that will effectively serve as a death sentence to thousands of desperate refugees from Sudan, Syria, Chad, Yemen, and others, who have viewed America as their last hope. This is a shameful day for the United States, as SCOTUS allowed our government to send an indelible message to the world around us that we are no longer a country of hope and freedom for all.

We stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and pledge to join in the fight against President Trump’s actions to close our Borders to Muslims, to Mexicans, to South and Central Americans. Today we reaffirm our commitment to fight at every turn for what is fundamental to our democracy: there must be no discrimination on the basis of religion, and our country must remain a sanctuary to all seeking a safe and better life.